Spaghetti With Prawns

One of the cheapest types of shrimp is also one that you don’t have to deal with at all. These are small prawns that have already been boiled and, most importantly, cleaned for you. They don’t have a lot of flavor, so you have to add flavorings to your spaghetti sauce. In our case, red onion, garlic, parsley and most importantly lemon juice and zest will work great. All of these together would make a great dinner!


500g spaghetti

500g of small, peeled boiled prawns

1 large red onion (200 g)

6 garlic cloves (30 g)

1 medium bunch of parsley (50 g)

The juice and zest of 1 large lemon (150 g)

60 ml vegetable oil

40g butter


freshly ground white pepper

Step by step recipe

Step 1

Peel the onion, chop into medium-sized peppercorns. Chop the parsley very finely. Peel and chop the garlic.

Step 2

Set aside half the garlic. Mix the remaining garlic and parsley, add the lemon zest, salt and pepper, chop all together.

Step 3

Put the pasta to boil in plenty of salted boiling water. Boil according to the instructions on the packet.

Step 4

Place the onion and reserved garlic in a large frying pan, add the butter and vegetable oil, melt, fry the vegetables over a medium heat for 2-3 mins.

Step 5.

Add the prawns and spaghetti with about 100l of spaghetti water, cook, stirring, 30-40sec. Sprinkle over the parsley, garlic and zest mixture, stir to combine. Serve the spaghetti hot.


You can use cooked frozen mussels or calamari instead of shrimp here.

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