Lactose-Free: What You Need to Know About Tea and Coffee with Plant Milk

And how to make delicious drinks at home Plant-based milk quickly gained popularity among wellness adepts who had given up on lactose. However, for coffee and tea aficionados, oat milk, soy milk, and nut milk still raises many questions. Femme4 together with experts, figured out how to choose the right vegetable milk for your favorite … Read more

Cool Off: 5 Iced Tea Recipes

How to make iced tea – the hottest hot drink 1. APPLE-MINT TEA Cooking method: Brew 1 liter of black tea, strain, add about 30 g of coarsely chopped mint. Core a couple of small apples, cut into cubes and also place in hot tea along with half a lime. Add sugar to taste. Place … Read more

Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies for Healthy Summer Breakfasts: 7 of the Most Delicious Combinations

A healthy alternative to the morning menu Even in cold summer, you want to have breakfast more lightly and healthily, reinforcing the body with vitamins for an energetic day. Nutritionists have not yet come up with a better way than fruit and vegetable smoothies early in the morning. Femme4 invites you to show your imagination … Read more

Pistachio Milk: What is its use and How to Cook

Sustainable drink perfect for cappuccino – a trendy alternative to New York milk More and more milk lovers are turning away from lactose for ethical or medical reasons, switching to plant-based alternatives. Soy, cereal, nut milk tastes different from cow’s or goat’s, and although they cope with the role of ingredients in favorite dishes and … Read more

Three Fun Cold Coffee Recipes

Drinks that invigorate and surprise The heat has returned, so drinks with ice are especially relevant now. Coffee expert shares with Femme4 the most popular and delicious recipes for cold coffee. The preparation of these drinks does not take much time, and the result will definitely please you. ICED LATTE WITH JASMINE AND TONKA Ingredients: … Read more

Cooling Drink Recipes

Cool down! In hot weather, moisture is necessary for our body, so you need to drink more water. Many people buy sweet soda, which only makes them more thirsty. I prefer fresh water, but sometimes I want to drink a pleasant drink, with sourness or bitterness, which will be healthy and tasty. LEMONADE Lemonade is … Read more

How to Make Kombucha

Kombucha  is used to prepare a deliciously healthy drink, resembling a yellow-brown jellyfish with a dense upper part and a loose base, from which thin long threads hang. Tea “jellyfish” contains yeast fungi and acetic acid bacteria, which turn ordinary tea into a carbonated infusion of sweet and sour taste, slightly reminiscent of kvass. The … Read more