What Is Golden Milk?

Golden milk is the latest craze of the world’s stars and supporters of a long and healthy life. Few people here know about this miracle drink yet, but it is certain that it will soon become fashionable in Russia too. The healing power of this drink of the golden color gives a set of spices, … Read more

Hot Cranberry Drink With Cinnamon

We invented this cranberry drink recipe when we faced the question of how to protect ourselves from the flu in cold weather. Cranberries make this drink even healthier, but we like lingonberries better. Ingredients 500 g fresh or frozen cranberries 1 orange 2 tbsp. brown sugar 4 cinnamon or cassia sticks clove honey Step by … Read more

Milk Oolong Tea

Milk oolong tea is one of the most popular teas in the world. According to the Chinese classification, milk oolong belongs to the semi-fermented teas, and on this scale it ranks between green and black teas, or more precisely between yellow and red. Milk oolong is also called turquoise in China because of the color … Read more

Lactose-Free: What You Need to Know About Tea and Coffee with Plant Milk

And how to make delicious drinks at home Plant-based milk quickly gained popularity among wellness adepts who had given up on lactose. However, for coffee and tea aficionados, oat milk, soy milk, and nut milk still raises many questions. Femme4 together with experts, figured out how to choose the right vegetable milk for your favorite … Read more

Cool Off: 5 Iced Tea Recipes

How to make iced tea – the hottest hot drink 1. APPLE-MINT TEA Cooking method: Brew 1 liter of black tea, strain, add about 30 g of coarsely chopped mint. Core a couple of small apples, cut into cubes and also place in hot tea along with half a lime. Add sugar to taste. Place … Read more