December’s Seasonal Produce

December has arrived – the last month of autumn – and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can be sad, or you can take advantage of the opportunities it presents. At least in the kitchen! In our arsenal: feijoa, with its seasonal peak the first to third week of the month, invigorating and … Read more

Three Easy Tasty Vegan Desserts

These three vegan desserts are indistinguishable from regular desserts. It’s hard to imagine that without milk, butter, eggs, or even baked goods, you can make delicious desserts. However, these three recipes prove that you can make a treat that tastes familiar without these ingredients.  An easy dessert that doesn’t require baking will be a favorite … Read more

Sandwich Wrap With Roast Brisket

The sandwich wrap can be accompanied by a cold spicy drink based on kefir or yogurt with cucumbers, dill and spices (paprika, ginger, zira, coriander, salt, pepper), whisked together in a blender until smooth. Ingredients Step by step recipe Step 1 Slice the brisket into thin slices, then cut into small cubes. Season generously with … Read more

Quail As A Real Delicacy

Quail is perfect for a special occasion. Its meat resembles chicken, but with a more subtle and delicate flavor. How to handle this little bird to make it a real delicacy. How to choose quail Quail is a rather small bird, so if you are expecting guests, prepare one or two per person. The carcass … Read more

Seafood Risotto

Risotto with seafood is a variation on the famous Italian dish. For perfect results, follow our risotto recipe precisely and don’t get distracted from the cooking: it requires close attention and constant supervision.  If you make this dish in smaller or larger portions, make sure that the seafood is twice as big as dried arborio … Read more

Stuffed Pumpkin In The Oven

Try to buy the smallest pumpkins for stuffed pumpkin so you can serve it in portions. Portioned pumpkin halves also bake faster in the oven. The sweet flesh of the pumpkin combines wonderfully with minced meat generously spiced with oriental spices. And the feta and pine nuts add texture to the dish.  Ingredients 2 small … Read more

Shrimp Aguachile

This appetizer is very quick and requires no cooking skills at all. Aguachile with prawns 6 servings, cooking time: 35 min. What you need: 500-600g large raw prawns 4 limes 2 large green chilli 2 garlic cloves 1 small bundle of coriander 1 large long cucumber 1 red onion salt, freshly ground black pepper corn … Read more

Hot Cranberry Drink With Cinnamon

We invented this cranberry drink recipe when we faced the question of how to protect ourselves from the flu in cold weather. Cranberries make this drink even healthier, but we like lingonberries better. Ingredients 500 g fresh or frozen cranberries 1 orange 2 tbsp. brown sugar 4 cinnamon or cassia sticks clove honey Step by … Read more