Baklava With Walnuts

Baklava is not the easiest dessert to make but it is worth the effort. 10 servings, cooking time: 40 mins + 6 hrs. What you need: 500g of phyllo pastry 100g honey  250g walnuts 50 g sugar 130g butter What to do: 1. Melt the butter. Line a rectangular tin with parchment and grease with … Read more

Ice Cream With Walnuts In Caramel

The easiest and quickest dessert you can make with walnuts. No one can say no to that! Gelato walnut ice cream in caramel 4 servings, preparation: 20 min. What you need: 200-300g ice cream 150g walnuts 120g sugar Vanilla or other syrup to taste for serving What to do: 1. Melt the sugar and 2 … Read more

Onion Soup

The wonderful taste of this thorough soup depends on a good strong stock and slowly caramelized onions. So take your time when cooking it. You can boil the soup in advance and bake it with the cheese croutons just before serving. Ingredients 1.5 kg beef on bones 1.5 kg of onions 2 carrots 100 g … Read more

5 Foods To Eat And Cook In September

The weather in September is unpredictable, unlike the list of foods that are best to buy and cook this month. To save you time, we’ve highlighted the top 5 and listed all their benefits, both health-wise and culinary-wise. Apples  There’s no other month when apples are everywhere in such variety and at such an attractive … Read more

Apple Cheese

Apple cheese is a Lithuanian Christmas treat. A unique, healthy, flavorful, tasty dessert. Ingredients apples 3 kg ground cinnamon 2 tsp. sugar 600 g nuts 100 g Step by step recipe Step 1. Slice the apples, put them into a pan and pour over the sugar. Allow to stand until the juice flows out. When … Read more

How did the Famous Desserts Come About?

A selection of truly sweet stories for lovers of meringues and eclairs A confection made from egg white, sugar and ground almonds, according to some sources, appeared in Italy during the Renaissance, and according to others – in France, where Catherine de Medici brought with her a pastry chef from the Apennine Peninsula in the … Read more

What You Must Know About Farm Products

The mindfulness trend has made its way to our plates. Now it is important not only to eat deliciously, but also to understand what we include in the diet. Therefore, more and more people are studying the composition more closely and are interested in the origin of the products. The new approach to nutrition has … Read more

What Does It Mean To BE “A Gourmet”?

Gourmet is a connoisseur of dishes, a lover of unusual combinations of tastes, a connoisseur of cooking and drinks. Being a gourmet means being able to enjoy a small amount of food, while defining the taste and all the flavor notes. Tasting, gourmet notices and evaluates the combination of products, determines the subtleties in cooking, … Read more