Balsamic Vinegar Caviar

This molecular caviar is perfect with oysters and is great to use when serving tartars and ceviche. 200 ml balsamic vinegar 20g sugar 2g agar-agar 200 ml vegetable oil without flavor or aroma. Put the vegetable oil in the freezer 1 hour before cooking. It should be well chilled but not frozen. If the oil … Read more

Coconut Caramel Banana Pie

Coconut flip cake with creamy caramel and banana is the perfect ending to a family meal. Ingredients 150g butter 140g sugar 140 g flour 2 eggs coconut chips 40 g baking powder 1 tsp. milk 100 ml banana 1 pc. Step by step recipe Step 1 Prepare the products. This amount is for a 10×20 … Read more

Asian Squid Salad

Squid in Asian cuisine is a frequent guest, as well as other seafood.This dish with squid will go both to feast and to peace: Asian salad can be prepared for lunch and for a festive feast. Ingredients 400 g of peeled squid filets 3 pickled bell peppers 200 g cucumbers 200 g zucchini 1 medium … Read more

The Tea Diet: How Does It Work?

People all over the world drink tea, there are hundreds of varieties (and shades) of this drink – from white to black. They all naturally contain large amounts of health benefits called flavonoids. They are believed to reduce inflammation and help protect against heart disease and diabetes. But can you lose weight by drinking lots … Read more

Celeriac Dauphinoise With Truffle Flavor

The classic version of this French dish is made with potatoes, but for the Easter table, celery dauphinoise would be perfect.  Truffle flavored celery dauphinoise 8 servings, cooking: 1 hr 15 min. What you need: 2 kg of celery root. 1 litre of cream 30-35% 200g butter 100g grated parmesan cheese 20 ml of truffle … Read more

How To Switch To A Healthy Diet Without Giving Up Sweets?

Today, more and more people are thinking about their health and good nutrition. One of the current trends is giving up sweets (or significantly reducing their consumption). What’s wrong with sugar and can we find a healthier alternative without depriving ourselves of our favorite dessert? In moderate doses, sugar is useful and even necessary for … Read more

Couscous With Chicken And Vegetables

4 servings. Cooking time: 40 minutes. What you need: 200 g couscous. 4 chicken shanks 200 ml chicken broth 3 garlic cloves 30g butter 1 tbsp. raisins 3 + 1 tbsp. olive oil 1 tbsp. lemon juice 1 sweet red pepper 1 tbsp. pine nuts several sprigs of coriander and parsley salt, pepper to taste … Read more