Why Walnuts Are A Must-Have

Walnuts are arguably the healthiest among the nut kingdom. They contain a record amount of antioxidants and other beneficial substances responsible for heart health, strong memory and powerful potency. A regal gift for those who love these nuts. Walnuts, also called Greek walnuts, Volosh nuts, royal walnuts, are an effective remedy for restoring male potency. … Read more

By all the Rules of a Healthy Lifestyle: 7 Healthy Recipes for Toasts with Avocado

From the classic poached egg sandwich to the exotic strawberry sandwich TOAST WITH AVOCADO, FETA AND POMEGRANATE Ingredients: Toast bread – 1 pc. Avocado – 1 pc. Pomegranate seeds – 2-3 tablespoons Feta cheese – 40 g Olive oil – 1 tsp Cooking method: Cut the avocados into thin slices and place them on the … Read more

How did the Famous Desserts Come About?

A selection of truly sweet stories for lovers of meringues and eclairs A confection made from egg white, sugar and ground almonds, according to some sources, appeared in Italy during the Renaissance, and according to others – in France, where Catherine de Medici brought with her a pastry chef from the Apennine Peninsula in the … Read more

How to Choose the Right Avocado

How to bring an unripe fruit to maturity at home and what to cook from an avocado Avocado is the most popular fruit among fans of a healthy lifestyle. But in stores, it is not always of perfect quality. Do not rush to get upset – even if you have chosen an unripe fruit, it … Read more

Start the Day with the Right Breakfast and Airy Tofu scrambled Eggs

Ingredients: Sourdough turmeric bread: flour, sourdough, salt, water and turmeric Pepperonata: stewed onions, peppers and tomatoes Tofu Scrambled Flavored Tofu Flavored with Turmeric Avocado Mousse: Chopped avocado with salt, pepper and lemon juice Cooking method: Spread a thin layer of coconut oil on the bread and toast in a toaster or skillet. Place avocado mousse … Read more