Lamb Kebab

Balsamic vinegar is good when marinating young lamb or lamb meat. The dish gets a new chic flavor. 1 kg lamb, preferably gigo (shank) 200 g onions 70 g balsamic vinegar 100 g vegetable oil 30 g of adjika 10 g salt Cut the lamb into small pieces, the onion into thin half rings. Put … Read more

Vegan Rassolnik

Foods for immunity: pearl barley, pickles, parsley, basil, green onions. Ingredients 120 grams of pearl millet 2 medium pickles 150 ml of cucumber brine 2 medium carrots 2 celery stalks 2 large bulbs 2-4 cloves of garlic 1 bundle of mixed greens (parsley, basil, green onions) 3 tbsp tomato sauce vegetable oil 1 tsp. smoked … Read more

Breakfast Smoothie

A smoothie is a thick drink made from vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients that you can eat with a spoon. If you add a banana to a smoothie, it immediately turns into a hearty dish that you can hold out on until lunchtime. Banana is called the fun fruit because it contains the amino acid … Read more

Grilled Squid in Marinade

Squid meat is low in calories. It is because of this that it is often used for preparing dietary meals. However, the taste of kulmara remains underestimated for many, because it is not expressed clearly. And today we want to fix that by telling you how to properly grill squid. The taste of this seafood … Read more

Aubergine Imam Bayaldı

Aubergine Imam Bayildi is popular in Turkish as well as Bulgarian, Armenian, Greek and other cuisines of the Balkan region. The name translates literally as “Imam fainted”. But the cause of his fall varies from legend to legend. According to one version, he fell from the aroma of the dish; according to another it was … Read more

Shrimp Aguachile

This appetizer is very quick and requires no cooking skills at all. Aguachile with prawns 6 servings, cooking time: 35 min. What you need: 500-600g large raw prawns 4 limes 2 large green chilli 2 garlic cloves 1 small bundle of coriander 1 large long cucumber 1 red onion salt, freshly ground black pepper corn … Read more