Lactose-Free: What You Need to Know About Tea and Coffee with Plant Milk

And how to make delicious drinks at home Plant-based milk quickly gained popularity among wellness adepts who had given up on lactose. However, for coffee and tea aficionados, oat milk, soy milk, and nut milk still raises many questions. Femme4 together with experts, figured out how to choose the right vegetable milk for your favorite … Read more

Start the Day with the Right Breakfast and Airy Tofu scrambled Eggs

Ingredients: Sourdough turmeric bread: flour, sourdough, salt, water and turmeric Pepperonata: stewed onions, peppers and tomatoes Tofu Scrambled Flavored Tofu Flavored with Turmeric Avocado Mousse: Chopped avocado with salt, pepper and lemon juice Cooking method: Spread a thin layer of coconut oil on the bread and toast in a toaster or skillet. Place avocado mousse … Read more

A Recipe for Summer Soup

“A Small amount of alcohol gives the soup an incredible aftertaste, but you can replace alcohol with fragrant vinegar – apple, infused with tarragon or just white wine vinegar. Beets can be boiled, but when baked, an interesting sweet taste is preserved in it. It is good to pour a layer of coarse salt into … Read more

Natural Beauty: Natural Hair Masks

Top best hair masks Well-groomed, shiny and healthy hair is a special pride of every woman. Nature has not endowed everyone with thick and shiny hair, but there are ways to help curls look healthy and attractive. Natural hair masks come to the rescue. Natural hair products have been known since ancient times and, despite … Read more

Strawberries For Healthy Skin and Teeth

Friends, we have all heard more than once about the benefits of certain products in cosmetology. They are part of various products, from which they make homemade masks and creams that are in no way inferior to store counterparts, and often even better in quality and composition. Today we are talking about strawberries! We will … Read more

Home Made Facial Masks and Hand Care

Taking care of yourself does not always require a lot of financial costs – just be inventive! For example, when you are preparing food, leftover food can be used for masks. Apply a nourishing or moisturizing mixture to your hands, hold it for a little – and the skin transforms, becomes soft and elastic. Everyone … Read more

Why You Need to Detox?

As the name suggests, detox is detoxification, that is, cleansing from toxins and toxins that our body accumulates over time due to improper nutrition and harmful external factors. Why is detox useful? ‚ÄúThis is a kind of reboot of various organs, in particular the intestines, liver, kidneys and gallbladder. Moreover, detox helps to improve metabolism, … Read more

10 Products For Woman’s Health

Women’s health and beauty require special attention and care. Products that are useful for the female body will help protect them from negative influences and preserve them for many years. Fish for hormones Fatty fish enhances the production of the hormone estrogen, which is extremely important for women after 30 years Fatty fish top our … Read more