A Quick Dinner, With Bacon As The Hero

For this meal, we are going to use bacon as a sidekick. Both the zucchini appetizer and the pork tenderloin hot dish will keep them juicy and give them extra flavor. And what a tasty crust!   Bacon-wrapped vegetables always stay juicy and the crust looks amazing! All you need to do is gently coat quarters … Read more

Royal Peas

Not a single lean menu is complete without peas, which are much healthier than cereals, since they contain easily digestible protein, carbohydrates and amino acids valuable for the body. Fasting peas are an important health food. Peas are good for the thyroid gland and normalize blood pressure, it increases haemoglobin and relieves headaches, but most … Read more

Spinach And Egg Pie

Spinach and egg cake is more than just a tea pastry: it’s a dish that could be served for dinner and is so hearty. It is delicious and very healthy too! Spinach – rich in vitamins A and C, iron, protein (the green leaves of the vegetable contain almost as much protein as legumes) and … Read more

Cabbage Salad With Curried Pork

This salad is nicely topped with white baguette croutons and drizzled with olive oil whipped with herbs. Young cabbage salad with curried pork  Ingredients 1 small cabbage 150g daikon 1 small bundle of mixed green onion, basil and mint 1 lime juice 4 tbsp. olive oil salt, freshly ground black pepper For the pork curry: … Read more

Smashed Cucumbers

If desired, smashed cucumbers can be served with thinly sliced roast or baked beef or shrimp, or topped with toasted hazelnuts or cashews. The marinade sauce itself, made with rice vinegar, is a versatile dressing for almost any vegetable salad. It is so versatile that it can also be served on sushi, sashimi and rolls. … Read more

Lamb Kebab

Balsamic vinegar is good when marinating young lamb or lamb meat. The dish gets a new chic flavor. 1 kg lamb, preferably gigo (shank) 200 g onions 70 g balsamic vinegar 100 g vegetable oil 30 g of adjika 10 g salt Cut the lamb into small pieces, the onion into thin half rings. Put … Read more

Smoked Plum For The Duck Leg

The caramel when mixed with the fish sauce and vinegar gives the plum a smoky flavour and aroma, and the juice that escapes during the cooking process becomes a gorgeous sauce.  500 g large blue plums 100 g clarified butter 50g cane sugar 20g fish sauce 50 ml red wine vinegar  Cut the plums in … Read more