Grilled Squid in Marinade

Squid meat is low in calories. It is because of this that it is often used for preparing dietary meals. However, the taste of kulmara remains underestimated for many, because it is not expressed clearly. And today we want to fix that by telling you how to properly grill squid. The taste of this seafood will be revealed in a new way.


squid – 600 g

lemon or lime juice – 10 ml

garlic – 3 cloves

soy sauce – 120 ml

olive oil – 40 ml

brown sugar – 5 g

ginger root – 1 pinch

Cooking method:

Rinse squids with water inside and outside, and then peel them from plates and films. You can do this faster if you pour boiling water over the seafood beforehand.

Cut the carcasses into rings one centimeter wide.

Now start preparing the marinade. To do this, mix the soy sauce, oil and citrus juice in a deep bowl.

Transfer the squid to a clean, deep bowl. Sprinkle them on top with grated ginger, chopped garlic and cover with half of the resulting marinade.

Leave it on for 25 minutes.

Pour the untouched marinade into a deep saucepan and let it boil.

Then simmer the rings in this sauce over low heat for three minutes.

Immediately before frying, semi-finished squids need to be strung on wooden skewers, as in the photo above.

In a hot grill pan, keep the seafood for four minutes on each side.

We recommend serving squid with sweet and sour sauce.

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