5 Recipes with Seasonal Figs

One of the most long-awaited products is figs – a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. WARM CAMEMBERT CHEESE WITH UNAGI SAUCE Ingredients: Camembert – 75 g Fresh figs – 30 g Walnut in hazelnut oil – 10 g Unagi sauce – 5 g Honey – 5 g Balsamic cream – 2 g 8 cereal chips … Read more

Cooking Chicken Udon Noodles

Ingredients: Udon noodles – 60 g Red onion – 20 g Soy sauce – 20 g Chicken fillet – 100 g Bulgarian pepper – 20 g Zucchini – 20 g Carrots – 20 g Olive oil – 20 g Sesame seeds – 5 g Cilantro – 5 g Cooking method: Cut all vegetables into strips … Read more

Simple Marbled Cheesecake Recipe

Dessert with a crispy base and juicy creamy filling is exactly what you need to pamper yourself in the middle of the working week Ingredients: Chocolate cookies – 125 g Ghee butter – 50 g For the cream: Mascarpone – 500 g Ricotta – 250 g Salt -1/2 tsp Sugar – 175 g Vanilla sugar … Read more

Lactose-Free: What You Need to Know About Tea and Coffee with Plant Milk

And how to make delicious drinks at home Plant-based milk quickly gained popularity among wellness adepts who had given up on lactose. However, for coffee and tea aficionados, oat milk, soy milk, and nut milk still raises many questions. Femme4 together with experts, figured out how to choose the right vegetable milk for your favorite … Read more

A Recipe for Happiness for Those with a Sweet Tooth: a Flourless Chocolate Cake That You Can Make in 15 Minutes

Ingredients: Chocolate – 38 g Butter – 11 g Glucose syrup – 4 g Eggs – 48 g Powdered sugar – 7 g Cooking method: Melt chocolate and mix with glucose. In a separate bowl, beat the butter and sugar, add eggs and melted chocolate. Bake the resulting mass in an oven preheated to 160 … Read more

By all the Rules of a Healthy Lifestyle: 7 Healthy Recipes for Toasts with Avocado

From the classic poached egg sandwich to the exotic strawberry sandwich TOAST WITH AVOCADO, FETA AND POMEGRANATE Ingredients: Toast bread – 1 pc. Avocado – 1 pc. Pomegranate seeds – 2-3 tablespoons Feta cheese – 40 g Olive oil – 1 tsp Cooking method: Cut the avocados into thin slices and place them on the … Read more