Coconut Caramel Banana Pie

Coconut flip cake with creamy caramel and banana is the perfect ending to a family meal. Ingredients 150g butter 140g sugar 140 g flour 2 eggs coconut chips 40 g baking powder 1 tsp. milk 100 ml banana 1 pc. Step by step recipe Step 1 Prepare the products. This amount is for a 10×20 … Read more

Which Is The Healthiest Cabbage Is And What Interesting Things Can You Cook With It?

It is impossible to find a baby in cabbage, but vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants are abundant in this vegetable. The main thing is not to lose them in cooking and find the most beneficial recipes for each type of cabbage in terms of taste and benefits. Cauliflower The cabbage resembles a snow-white bud in … Read more

Greek Style Calamari

A bright dish with the same taste is calamari in Greek style. If you do not like garlic, you can omit it – the taste of the dish will not suffer. Ingredients 4 medium sized peeled squid carcasses 100 grams of breadcrumbs 2 or 3 anchovy filets 200g cherry tomatoes 1 lemon 2 garlic cloves … Read more

Chocolate Mocha Coffee

Add about 1/5 of a vanilla pod cut lengthwise to the coffee. This will turn out well. No, very good! Chocolate mocha coffee  Ingredients 120 ml of strong coffee (from machine or turkey) 100 ml of whole milk with 3.2% fat content and higher 2 Tbsp sugar free cocoa powder + some more to serve … Read more

Italian Soup

If you haven’t made calamari soup yet, you have the opportunity to remedy the situation by making an Italian soup. This soup is not for every day, but rather for a special dinner. However, there can always be a special occasion. Ingredients 200g of peeled calamari 700 ml of pureed tomatoes in their own juice … Read more

Salad With Chicken Liver

Chicken liver is a product that is rarely treated neutrally. It is either liked or not at all. And the latter case is very often related to the way this liver used to be cooked. The fact is that the liver of any animal is a capricious product. If it is severely undercooked, it retains … Read more

Bread Baked With Cheese, Bacon And Potatoes

This wonderfully stuffed bread was invented by the famous French baker Richard Bertinet based on the Swiss dish raclette, where bread and potatoes are poured with cheese melted in a special raclette machine and served with meat delicacies. No special devices are needed for this recipe, the oven is enough. But Swiss cheese, which is … Read more