Happy Diet : Preparing Low-Calorie Desserts

The life of those who are losing weight, tirelessly calorie tables, consists not only of vegetable salads, chicken breast and kefir. There is always a place for little joys in it. To obtain the desired forms, there is no need to blacklist all sweets without exception. The right desserts do not harm your figure at all and even help you lose weight.

Cedar apples

Apples are an irreplaceable fruit in the diet of those who are actively losing weight. We offer a simple low-calorie dessert with their participation. We take 3-4 large sweet and sour apples, cut off the caps, carefully remove the core, trying not to damage the walls and bottom with a knife. Put 1 tsp in each apple. dried pine nuts and pour in 1 tsp. honey. We send the stuffed fruits on a baking sheet to the oven at 180 ° C for about 10-15 minutes. Decorate the finished dessert with fresh cranberries and lightly sprinkle with powdered sugar and cinnamon. However, you can choose any other berries that you like best.

Slimming cookies

Oats combine valuable qualities – dietary properties and high nutritional value. This is the beauty of delicious low-calorie oatmeal desserts. We take 400 g of dry flakes, grind half into flour. Leaving more flakes will make the biscuits crisp, while using more flour will make the biscuits more tender.

Fill the oatmeal with 400 ml of kefir and leave for 20 minutes. Steam 50 g of dried apricots in boiling water, chop into strips, pour 2 tbsp. honey with a pinch of cardamom and vanilla. Stir in the oatmeal, sculpt cookies with wet hands and bake in the oven at 180 ° C for half an hour. This dessert is great for a diet snack.

Cheesecakes in excellent shape

Cottage cheese is one of the main dietary products. It is very easy to make a low-calorie dessert from it. Make delicious tender cheesecakes without flour and sugar.

Wipe 500 g of medium fat cottage cheese through a sieve. Knead half a ripe banana into gruel and combine with cottage cheese. Add 2 whipped egg whites, 2 tbsp. semolina and a handful of pre-steamed light raisins. To prevent the curd cakes from falling apart, we will bake them in muffin tins in the oven at 200 ° C until golden brown. Pour maple syrup or natural yogurt over the warm cottage cheese pancakes – this dessert is better than any cake.

Marshmallow is lighter than the air

Natural marshmallows are approved by almost all nutritionists. It is healthier and tastier to make this low-calorie dessert at home. Dissolve 15 g of gelatin in 150 ml of warm milk with a fat content of 2.5%, leave for 20 minutes. Then we heat it over low heat, stirring constantly, but not letting it boil. Beat 2 egg whites into a strong foam, stir in milk with gelatin and 1 tbsp. l. agave syrup.

Cut 2 kiwis into slices and fan them out into silicone molds. We fill them with protein mass and put them in the refrigerator overnight. Instead of kiwi, you can put grapefruit slices – the marshmallows will be delicious in all variations.

Sweet diet couple

Even chocolate desserts are dietary. Soak 15 g of gelatin in 150 ml of water. Puree 200 g of raspberries and rub through a sieve. We heat up 100 ml of water, dissolve 3 tbsp. honey and half of the swollen gelatin. Let the mixture cool, add the raspberry puree, put it on the bowls and put it in the refrigerator.

Now melt 200 g of dark chocolate in a water bath. Dissolve the remaining gelatin in 200 ml of hot water, add to the liquid chocolate along with the zest of half an orange. Pour the cooled chocolate mass over the raspberry layer and put it in the refrigerator to freeze again. Decorate the dessert with raspberries and mint – slimming sweets will be delighted.

Lemon weightlessness

If you are scrupulous about choosing recipes for low-calorie desserts with an indication of calories, feel free to add lemon mousse to your collection. Soak 2 sheets of gelatin in cold water. Whisk 50 g fat-free cottage cheese, yolk, lemon zest and stevia to taste. Heat the mass slightly over low heat and dissolve the gelatin. Stir in another 200 g of cottage cheese, slightly whipping it with a mixer. Separately beat the remaining protein into a stable mass and gently add it to the lemon curd cream. We put it in bowls and refrigerate for 2 hours. You can add fresh berries to lemon mousse. Such an exquisite delicacy draws out only 140 kcal.

Diet sweets

It is even harmful to think about sweets during a diet. A lucky exception to the rule is dried fruit candies. Scroll through a meat grinder 200 g dried apricots and pitted dates, 150 g dried melon and 100 g raisins. An interesting sourness will be added by an assortment of dried cranberries. Beat ripe persimmons in mashed potatoes, combine with dried fruits, sculpt balls the size of a walnut. Brown 150 g of hazelnuts in a dry frying pan, crush them, roll over the candies and leave in the refrigerator for 4 hours. Of course, it’s not worth eating the entire supply in one sitting – limit yourself to a couple of sweets. Moreover, nothing will happen to them in a month.

We hope our diet treats will help you cope with the separation from your favorite cakes, rolls and chocolates during your diet. Look for other recipes for low-calorie desserts with photos on the Eat at Home website. And don’t forget to share your own healthy sweets ideas. 

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