Top 10 Foods for a Healthy Diet

Proper nutrition is one of the new trends in the world of culinary, which the Eat At Home team strongly supports. This is the case when fashion helps not only to be in trend, but also to maintain health. You can improve your well-being and become much happier through physical activity, prolonged sleep, various hobbies … Read more

The Tea Diet: How Does It Work?

People all over the world drink tea, there are hundreds of varieties (and shades) of this drink – from white to black. They all naturally contain large amounts of health benefits called flavonoids. They are believed to reduce inflammation and help protect against heart disease and diabetes. But can you lose weight by drinking lots … Read more

How To Switch To A Healthy Diet Without Giving Up Sweets?

Today, more and more people are thinking about their health and good nutrition. One of the current trends is giving up sweets (or significantly reducing their consumption). What’s wrong with sugar and can we find a healthier alternative without depriving ourselves of our favorite dessert? In moderate doses, sugar is useful and even necessary for … Read more

Carrot Bacon

Make these original and crunchy carrot chips. Of course, they don’t look much like bacon, but they turn out very tasty! Ingredients coarse carrots 1 pc. Smoked paprika 1 tsp. dried garlic 1 tsp. honey or maple syrup 1 tbsp. unscented vegetable oil 2 tbsp. salt to taste Step by step recipe Step 1 Wash … Read more

Proper Nutrition After 6PM

Food after six in the evening The feeling of hunger most often comes in the evening. The working day is over, I want to rest, relax and eat something. However, everyone knows that eating in the evening is harmful. What to do? Is it okay to eat after six in the evening? Modern nutritionists answer … Read more

Sugar-Free Banana Biscuits For Children

For many parents nowadays, it’s not just about eating delicious food, but also about eating healthy for children. Caring mums are ready to count the number of calories and sugar consumed. For them, this recipe will hopefully become a favorite. Ingredients 180 gr oat flour 130g wheat flour 2 bananas 1 egg 60g butter 20 … Read more