Top 10 Foods for a Healthy Diet

Proper nutrition is one of the new trends in the world of culinary, which the Eat At Home team strongly supports. This is the case when fashion helps not only to be in trend, but also to maintain health. You can improve your well-being and become much happier through physical activity, prolonged sleep, various hobbies and, of course, a healthy diet. We will talk about him today!

Dedicating time to planning your menu is as important as washing your face every day. Sometimes it’s not enough to eat a slice of cake for breakfast, a greasy patty with a canteen side dish for lunch, and macaroni and cheese for dinner. But what about eggs, fish and, most importantly, vegetables? It is these products and not only that we propose to take as the basis of a healthy diet.

A fish

Red and white fish saturates the body with vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, phosphorus and vitamin B12. In terms of protein, it is comparable to beef and pork, while containing a minimum of saturated fat. In addition, fish is less high in calories. It is for these reasons that the product is included in the diet for those who lose weight, and it suits us too!

For a light dinner, you can take a Far Eastern pollock fillet and fry it along with the onions. Also pay attention to the wild salmon steaks – bake them in the oven with lemon and Provencal herbs. Serve the fish with rice, potatoes, or a plate of vegetables. For a quick and healthy solution, use pure cod nuggets or fish cakes.

Whole wheat bread

Sandwiches for breakfast or takeaways are a good idea if you choose the right bread. The difference between whole grain flour and ordinary flour is the method of grinding: the grain is ground once, without sifting out the bran and sprouts. These particles do not interfere with the baking process, but retain the beneficial properties of the product. Instead of fast carbohydrates from such bread, you will get fiber, fatty acids, iron, manganese and vitamins of groups B, E.

In the online store “Svoe Rodnoe” you can choose whole-grain bread with a different composition: from rye and spelled, flax and buckwheat. Instead of sausage, use pates, rietas, cheese, or grilled vegetables for your sandwiches. It will be no less tasty!


Everyone knows about the benefits of vegetables and fruits, but we want to highlight accents in this topic. First, only seasonal vegetables are healthy. In winter and spring, for example, you will get more benefits from root vegetables than from tomatoes and cucumbers – artificially grown vegetables are not as needed by the body as carrots, cabbage and beets left over from the previous harvest. Secondly, a little less space should be given to fruits in the diet. Pomegranates, bananas or apples are good, but not more than one or two fruits a day, because we also do not need an excess of sugar.

You can make a delicious salad with feta cheese and spinach from beets by boiling the vegetable in advance. It is easy to chop fresh cabbage and carrots, season with vegetable oil and serve with the main course. And we recommend baking potatoes in the oven, so it will retain more useful properties than during frying and cooking. As you can see, it is very budgetary to introduce vegetables into your diet! 

Natural yoghurt

Dairy products are constantly helping out: we make delicious cheese cakes from cottage cheese, make an omelet with milk, and add cheese everywhere to make it tastier. Another indispensable product is plain yogurt. It can be eaten just like that, supplemented with berries, homemade jam, or a salad with a natural product. Farm sour cream and homemade mayonnaise will not do much harm to the body. But if you want to dose fatty foods in your diet, check out all-purpose yogurt!


In addition to essential protein, chicken eggs contain vitamins A, E, D, K, B1, B2, B6, B12. In order for all the nutrients to be well absorbed by the body, it is better to subject chicken eggs to heat treatment – to boil, fry or steam. You should consume no more than two pieces daily, and they will always be used: for breakfast as scrambled eggs or avocado sandwiches, for lunch in a casserole or for dinner as frittata with vegetables.

Quail eggs are healthier than chicken eggs, experts say. That is why they are allowed to be included in the menu of diabetics. Add “babies” to your diet to diversify your egg dishes. For example, in the popular Nicoise salad they belong!


Vitamins contained in cheese are useful for children and pregnant women, and therefore for everyone else. Calcium is an essential building block for bones and teeth, and cheeses are also rich in proteins. So, 70 g of the product contains the same amount of protein as 100 g of meat or fish.

Which cheese to choose, decide based on taste. Camembert has become popular recently; it can be baked in the oven and a piece of bread can be dipped into the soft mass. Cheddar is suitable for sandwiches, caciotta for slicing, and halloumi for salad. Have you tried them? So, this is a great reason to look into the online store “Svoe Rodnoe”.

Turkey and chicken fillet

Lean meat rich in protein should definitely be included in the menu and consumed several times a week. Chicken breast with buckwheat is not the whole diet of proper nutrition, but part of it. Moreover, you can cook lean meat deliciously by making cuts and putting tomatoes with mozzarella in them. For a turnkey solution, use pure chicken meatballs.

You can make delicious cutlets from turkey by twisting the meat into minced meat, adding juicy onions and rolling the blanks in bread crumbs. Do not forget about delicious beef and veal, their use should be reduced to one or two times a week.


Seafood is not cheap, but very healthy! They are rich in low-calorie and very light protein that is quickly absorbed by the body. Since marine inhabitants live in an environment rich in minerals and trace elements, their meat is rich in substances important for the body – copper, potassium, iodine, calcium and magnesium.

Squids can be stuffed with cheese and mushrooms, or you can use seafood in salads. Shrimps are multifunctional: they make various snacks for the holiday, prepare pasta or other Italian dishes. Scallops can be served for a special dinner stewed in wine. 

Quinoa and green buckwheat

Some grains have recently been called superfood, a plant-based food that has health benefits. Green buckwheat is almost the same as regular buckwheat, only it has not been roasted, as a result of which it retained a large amount of antioxidants, amino acids and fiber. Quinoa has a positive effect on the immune system, restores hormones, starts metabolism and fills with energy. What cereal would you prefer?

Herbal tea and honey

Tea drinking is an enjoyable family ritual that can benefit the body rather than extra calories. Let’s start by choosing a drink. Black willow tea, dried lingonberry leaves or Zlato mint forest tea will be an excellent alternative to the packaged collection, which is sold in supermarkets. You can supplement the warming drink with natural linden honey or honey soufflĂ© with ginger.

For those who respect healthy sweets, we advise you to try sea buckthorn marmalade, chocolate with raspberries or tahini-peanut halva in white chocolate.

For a healthy diet, it is important not only what products to choose, but also where to buy them. Rosselkhozbank supports Russian farmers for several reasons:

Benefit. Local products are suitable for a healthy diet because they do not take much time to transport. This means that there are a minimum of preservatives that increase the shelf life in such products.

Taste. Local vegetables and fruits are harvested ripe – imported, as a rule, ripen on the road and often arrive unripe on the counter.

Caring for the environment. Local products are transported over short distances, which reduces the amount of harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere.

Take note of the top 10 foods for a healthy diet, form the basis of them for your diet.

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