Seafood Risotto

Risotto with seafood is a variation on the famous Italian dish. For perfect results, follow our risotto recipe precisely and don’t get distracted from the cooking: it requires close attention and constant supervision.  If you make this dish in smaller or larger portions, make sure that the seafood is twice as big as dried arborio … Read more

Pumpkin Soup With Bacon

Creamy first courses are usually made with vegetables or mushrooms. Pumpkin soup with bacon is no exception, but it is still heartier than many of its counterparts. Pumpkin pairs well with many colourful foods, so bacon is a welcome addition to this dish. Those who watch the amount of fat in the diet can skip … Read more

Chickpea Salad

Ingredients 1 jar (400 g) of tinned chickpeas 3 medium cucumbers (200g) 1 package of petiolated celery (400-500 g) 1 medium sweet red onion (120-150 g) 1 medium lemon (100 g) 2 garlic cloves (10 g) 2-3 tbsp. vegetable oil (30-45 ml) salt freshly ground black pepper Step by step recipe Step 1 Rinse the … Read more

Aubergine Imam Bayaldı

Aubergine Imam Bayildi is popular in Turkish as well as Bulgarian, Armenian, Greek and other cuisines of the Balkan region. The name translates literally as “Imam fainted”. But the cause of his fall varies from legend to legend. According to one version, he fell from the aroma of the dish; according to another it was … Read more