5 Recipes with Seasonal Figs

One of the most long-awaited products is figs – a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. WARM CAMEMBERT CHEESE WITH UNAGI SAUCE Ingredients: Camembert – 75 g Fresh figs – 30 g Walnut in hazelnut oil – 10 g Unagi sauce – 5 g Honey – 5 g Balsamic cream – 2 g 8 cereal chips … Read more

A Recipe for Happiness for Those with a Sweet Tooth: a Flourless Chocolate Cake That You Can Make in 15 Minutes

Ingredients: Chocolate – 38 g Butter – 11 g Glucose syrup – 4 g Eggs – 48 g Powdered sugar – 7 g Cooking method: Melt chocolate and mix with glucose. In a separate bowl, beat the butter and sugar, add eggs and melted chocolate. Bake the resulting mass in an oven preheated to 160 … Read more

How to Choose the Right Avocado

How to bring an unripe fruit to maturity at home and what to cook from an avocado Avocado is the most popular fruit among fans of a healthy lifestyle. But in stores, it is not always of perfect quality. Do not rush to get upset – even if you have chosen an unripe fruit, it … Read more

Opening the Season of Watermelons: 6 Incredible Recipes with the Most Popular Berry in August

Watermelon is undoubtedly the most popular and main berry of the last summer month. In addition to being incredibly delicious on its own, there are endless amounts of watermelon salads, drinks, desserts, and soups and snacks.  Salad with watermelon, spinach and lime juice Ingredients: Watermelon – 100 g Spinach – 10 g Chard – 5 … Read more

Sweet Tooth: a Useful Recipe for Keto Cake, after Which You do not Have to Regret the Calories Eaten

The network of cooks and stores of healthy products “Garden City” announced the continuation of the summer menu with bright dishes of various food systems, and at the same time shared a useful, tasty and very simple recipe for keto cake. Enjoy yourselves! Ingredients (1 pc): Cottage cheese – 220 g Butter – 120 g … Read more

Cool Off: 5 Iced Tea Recipes

How to make iced tea – the hottest hot drink 1. APPLE-MINT TEA Cooking method: Brew 1 liter of black tea, strain, add about 30 g of coarsely chopped mint. Core a couple of small apples, cut into cubes and also place in hot tea along with half a lime. Add sugar to taste. Place … Read more

Cooling Drink Recipes

Cool down! In hot weather, moisture is necessary for our body, so you need to drink more water. Many people buy sweet soda, which only makes them more thirsty. I prefer fresh water, but sometimes I want to drink a pleasant drink, with sourness or bitterness, which will be healthy and tasty. LEMONADE Lemonade is … Read more

What To Eat To Stop Snacking

Foods that saturate for a long time As you know, the popular today caring for your nutrition brings positive results only if the diet is selected correctly and without harm to the body. The more a person knows about what and why he eats and how exactly the selected foods help his body work, the … Read more