Pomelo: The Citrus Giant’s Benefits

Many people think the pomelo, a giant fruit with a thick, dark or light green rind, is a hybrid of the grapefruit. In fact if you think like that you are wrong. Here’s a look at the whole fruit, its health benefits and which foods you can prepare with it.

The pomelo was introduced to Europe from Asia and must have been crossed with an orange to give birth to the grapefruit. The pomelo is commonly referred to as shaddock in Europe, after Captain Shaddock who introduced the fruit to Barbados from East India.

The largest citrus fruit, it can weigh up to 10kg and is shaped like a pear. It has a very thick green-yellow peel, but the flesh is firm and juicy, with large slices that can easily be separated from each other and bitter white membranes. It’s much easier to peel a pomelo than a grapefruit, and the slices can be cut with a knife or even crushed by hand without risking losing the precious juice.

The benefits of pomelo

It is loaded with as much vitamin C as the grapefruit and has its own benefits, like a high dose of vitamin PP (nicotinic acid), which lowers cholesterol levels, improves vascular health and helps you recover from a heart attack. In general, however, the “fruit from the tree”, the grapefruit from the pomelo, does not differ much in the sum of its benefits.

Which dishes would “shine” with the addition of a pomelo?

The pomelo has a neutral, slightly sour, almost no bitterness. As for juiciness, it is second to none. It is in the role of juiciness agent that the pomelo acts in salty and sweet dishes. Its easy-going nature makes it suitable not only for fruit salads and desserts, but also for combinations with game, duck, smoked meats, and even sausages.

Pomelo is ideal in salads with meat: it makes the food juicier and more contrasting in flavor.

Pomelo juice can be a versatile marinade, not too bitter and not too “stingy”, for seafood, meat and poultry. And at the same time, it can add a summery freshness to lemonade, make a heavy meat salad juicier and lighter, or become an ingredient in a tropical cocktail with rum and pineapple.

A juicy pomelo would make a perfect alliance with a buttery avocado and tinned peas. Add some red onion for spice and a spoonful of honey and olive oil for sweetness.

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