A Quick Strawberry Shake With Coconut Milk In 5 Minutes

If you’re not happy with cow’s milk, substitute soya or oat milk – it won’t make the drink any worse. And don’t forget to salt your shake a bit. This will give the drink a special harmonious taste. 

Quick Strawberry Shake with Coconut Milk

To prepare approximately 1 litre of strawberry shake, you need:

200 ml of milk.

200 ml coconut milk

400g of ripe and juicy strawberries

4-6 tbsp honey or maple syrup

mint or lemon balm leaves to serve

sea salt

Mix the cow’s milk and coconut milk. Blend in a blender with the strawberries. Taste and taste.

Add honey or syrup a little at a time. Season with salt.

Pour into tall glasses, garnish with mint and serve at once.

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