Everything You Need to Know About Vinegar

Vinegar is a clear liquid with a sour taste, usually a solution of acetic acid of one concentration or another. It’s hard to say who is older – vinegar or wine. One thing is certain: vinegar, like wine, has been used by man since time immemorial, and not only in cooking. It is still used … Read more

How to Smoke Fish?

We are used to mainly frying, boiling and baking fish. Some salted good red fish at home. But fish is smoked much less often, although everyone loves to eat smoked fish. Smoking fish, of course, requires certain skills, time and adaptations. However, the result is always amazing. It is easiest to smoke fish hot. Those … Read more

Pumpkin – an Autumn Miracle

Pumpkin was known to the American Indians five thousand years ago – in North America, this amazing vegetable grew by itself, like a wild plant. In the 15th century, pumpkin was finally brought to Europe and immediately fell in love with peasants for its unpretentiousness, high yield, long shelf life, pleasant taste and useful properties. … Read more

The Benefits of Sea Salt

Sea salt is known for its beneficial properties, it consists not only of sodium chloride, but also small doses of iodine, potassium, magnesium and other substances. It is this salt that makes the water in the sea salty. And it is it that has been mined by evaporating sea water under the hot sun for … Read more

Bagel with Roast Beef

Finally, let’s experiment with the shape and take a bagel instead of regular bread. In appearance, the bagel resembles a hamburger bun, only with a hole in the middle, like a donut. Cut it lengthwise and place the filling between the halves. We decided to stick with roast beef. It is prepared from a whole … Read more

How to Eat Healthy in The Office

The consequences of malnutrition are more strongly reflected in people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Office workers sit at the computer all day and are primarily at risk. Due to low physical activity and an ill-considered diet, they are more likely to suffer from excess weight, digestive problems, cardiovascular and other diseases. Putting together a … Read more

What Does It Mean To BE “A Gourmet”?

Gourmet is a connoisseur of dishes, a lover of unusual combinations of tastes, a connoisseur of cooking and drinks. Being a gourmet means being able to enjoy a small amount of food, while defining the taste and all the flavor notes. Tasting, gourmet notices and evaluates the combination of products, determines the subtleties in cooking, … Read more

Clinton’s Favourite Dish

Dumplings with cherries will be a culinary shock for you. And although they are considered a Ukrainian national dish, dumplings came to Ukraine from Turkey. Dumplings with potatoes are in first place in popularity, dumplings with cottage cheese are in second place, and cherry and berry fillings are in third place. However, Bill Clinton, having … Read more