Caesar Salad with Shrimps

For a Caesar salad with shrimps, you don’t need much shrimp. Still, the main role here is played by crisp, juicy romaine lettuce leaves, as well as the dressing. And parmesan. And croutons. Be sure to make the dressing yourself, don’t buy ready-made, it’s garbage, not the dressing. And if you have a claim to … Read more

Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri, a sauce with a spicy flavor and a real summer flavor. It’s an oil-based condiment good primarily for grilled meats or kebabs. For the base of chimichurri sauce you always need parsley and garlic, which almost every vegetable garden has in abundance. The sauce is the South American answer to Italian pesto, only much … Read more

Vegan Coconut Gratin With Brussels Sprouts

We’re sure the vegan coconut brussels sprouts gratin will be appreciated not only by strict vegetarians and health food aficionados. Thai food lovers and gourmets will also love it. With its French name, this dish is a simple casserole. In our country it is mostly made of potatoes. Our recipe makes a delicious gratin with … Read more

Greek White Bean Soup Fasolada

Fasolada is one of the popular soups of Greek and Cypriot cuisine. It is probably the easiest dish to prepare and goes perfectly with fresh bread and olives. The main ingredients are very few – beans, carrots, celery, onions, tomatoes and olive oil. The Greeks call the beans “the poor man’s caviar”. But even when … Read more