Why Walnuts Are A Must-Have

Walnuts are arguably the healthiest among the nut kingdom. They contain a record amount of antioxidants and other beneficial substances responsible for heart health, strong memory and powerful potency. A regal gift for those who love these nuts.

Walnuts, also called Greek walnuts, Volosh nuts, royal walnuts, are an effective remedy for restoring male potency. One of the most effective recipes is walnuts with honey. Three hard nuts a day, and may the power be with you. The most useful are raw walnuts .

Leonardo da Vinci and many other famous Renaissance painters used walnut oil as the basis for their own paints. But now it is a particularly welcome oil for followers of a healthy diet. Dress your salads with it and stay healthy.

Sleep and mind

Walnuts contain the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for restful sleep. After a long flight it is recommended to eat walnuts for a couple of days to get rid of jet lag and normalize sleep. Walnuts are very useful in case of intensive mental strain. They activate the brain, strengthen memory and nervous system, help develop the intellect.

Another 5 interesting facts about walnuts

  • A couple of walnuts a day and the probability of atherosclerosis decreases dramatically.
  • Scientists are unanimous – walnuts strengthen the heart and blood vessels.
  • In cold season walnuts help to fight colds, because they are rich in vitamin C.
  • Walnuts soothe nerves and relieve stress.

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