Bread, Rice Pasta And Potatoes Can Be Healthier, You Just Have To Cook Them Differently

Fast carbohydrates and starches are not good for our figure, blood sugar levels and overall health. As it turns out, there is an easy way to make junk food healthier. Take it from there?

White bread, rice, potatoes, pasta – all these foods are rich in starch and simple carbohydrates, which is why they are considered pretty unhealthy. They provoke a spike in blood sugar, which increases the risk of developing diabetes, and contribute to gaining extra pounds. But let’s be honest: it’s impossible to do away with cereals and baked goods altogether. They’re nutritious, they also have important vitamins and minerals, and they’re all quite commonly used in cooking. Why deprive yourself of pleasure?

Sergei Malozemov, author and presenter of the programme “Live Food”, suggested a simple solution to this problem. According to him, all food rich in starch can be made healthier if refrigerated or frozen. 

The principle, of course, is based on the processes that occur in food at different temperatures. The fact is that after cooling in bread, rice, potatoes and other similar products the amount of resistant (or stable) starch doubles. It has fewer calories and is more beneficial for gut microflora and immunity.

Malozemov suggests freezing bread, and cooling rice, potatoes and pasta. Baked goods should be defrosted before consumption, and then used for sandwiches and other favorite dishes.

Potatoes, rice and pasta are more complicated. Sergei Malozemov suggests reheating the side dishes the next day – after they’ve stood overnight in the fridge. But we also know some great recipes where all these products are used cold. Here are a few of them.


Boiled and then cooled rice is most commonly used in Japanese cooking: as the base for sushi and rolls. It is called sumeshi and is prepared in a certain way. Here, we have described in detail how to prepare sushi rice. Fish, avocado, cucumber and shrimp roe can also be used. To keep your mind clear, check out the sushi and roll recipes here

Chilled rice, stir-fried with vegetables, can be eaten. Surprisingly, this dish tastes great both hot and after the fridge. Rice can also make a wonderful dessert. Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t get any molasses. Mint can replace it in this dessert.


The simplest boiled potatoes can be eaten cold – as a light supper. Or serve them with herring and onions as a starter for something a little more substantial.

Potatoes are also often used in salads. Think of the American potato salad that lends itself very well to our culinary preferences. It has very few ingredients and mayonnaise dressing. It’s easy to prepare and can be eaten in minutes.

Another variation of the classic ‘Mimosa’ salad that we like very much is potatoes – boiled and grated on a coarse grater. The dish has a very delicate texture and taste. The potatoes should be boiled the night before and allowed to cool – this will not only make them healthier but also easier to chop.


Italian pasta, by the way, is also quite often used in salads. So it’s wrong to think of it as a side dish and a base for hot dishes. You’d be surprised how many recipes you can get for salads and snacks with pasta. You can check them all out here

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