Aromatic Plum, Cinnamon And Ginger Cake

Any kind of plums can be used for this cake. The orange and cinnamon and ginger make it a very fragrant cupcake – just right for an autumnal tea party. It also looks really good, so it’s perfect for a get-together with friends or for a child’s party.  Ingredients 500g plums 200g natural yogurt 4 … Read more

A Quick Dinner, With Bacon As The Hero

For this meal, we are going to use bacon as a sidekick. Both the zucchini appetizer and the pork tenderloin hot dish will keep them juicy and give them extra flavor. And what a tasty crust!   Bacon-wrapped vegetables always stay juicy and the crust looks amazing! All you need to do is gently coat quarters … Read more

Which Is The Healthiest Cabbage Is And What Interesting Things Can You Cook With It?

It is impossible to find a baby in cabbage, but vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants are abundant in this vegetable. The main thing is not to lose them in cooking and find the most beneficial recipes for each type of cabbage in terms of taste and benefits. Cauliflower The cabbage resembles a snow-white bud in … Read more

Bread Baked With Cheese, Bacon And Potatoes

This wonderfully stuffed bread was invented by the famous French baker Richard Bertinet based on the Swiss dish raclette, where bread and potatoes are poured with cheese melted in a special raclette machine and served with meat delicacies. No special devices are needed for this recipe, the oven is enough. But Swiss cheese, which is … Read more

Pineapple Smoothie

A great idea is to serve a pineapple smoothie for the holiday table. You can drink it, enjoy it, and not worry about gaining extra pounds. Ingredients orange juice 1 cup pineapple 2 cup pineapple juice 1 cup banana 2 pcs. Step by step recipe Step 1 Recipe photo: Pineapple smoothie, step 1 Peel pineapple … Read more