Apple Juice With Carrots And Ginger

A drink made of apple and carrot juice with ginger can be called a detox drink. It cleanses the body by saturating it with beta-carotene, thus rejuvenating it, and replenishes vitamin C and folic acid. 


4 apples

3 juicy carrots

1-1.5 cm fresh ginger root

1 tsp. spirulina (optional)

Step by step recipe

Step 1

Grate the peeled ginger on a fine grater.

Step 2

Squeeze out the juice from the carrots and apples.

Step 3

Mix the two juices and ginger in a tall glass. Strain through a sieve, if necessary. And add the spirulina, stir and drink.


Spirulina is a seaweed. It is rich in chlorophyll and has a strong cleansing effect. It is sold as a green powder in health food shops and drugstores. The best way to prepare it is to mix it in a small amount of drink first and then add it to the main part. This should be the last thing you do before serving.

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