Croquettes, Pizzettes And Other Interesting Homemade Snacks For Large Groups

Are you expecting a home feast and want to please your guests with something original and tasty without costing a fortune?  Here are some recipes for hot Italian snacks for a home buffet which you can easily, and most importantly – on a budget – prepare at home.

Mozzarella in a rack

Mozzarella in a carriage is a very simple and delicious Italian snack in the form of a small sandwich. The “carriage” for the mozzarella is bread. The bread is baked in a batter and the result is a crispy crust on the outside and a delicate melted cheese inside. It’s elementary! We suggest making mozzarella in carrozza the way it is made in Rome – with anchovies.

Pizzetta with aubergine and mint

A pizzetta is a mini pizza. The reason it’s so small is simple: not everyone is willing to eat a standard pizza in one sitting, and tiny pizzettes literally fly off the table in one bite. It’s a very handy snack option for home buffets and outdoor parties when you have to eat standing up, travelling around the room with a glass in hand. Pizzettes, just like pizza, are made with a wide variety of toppings. Try making a closed aubergine pizza like this – both you and your guests will love it.

Arancini with b├ęchamel sauce

In Italian, the name of this dish translates to “oranges”. As for the Sicilian blood oranges, with their red, juicy flesh, they are an island treasure and a fixture in most salads, drinks and tinctures. Arancini are an imitation: fried rice balls with minced meat inside. The rice layer is made thick so that the filling does not mix with it and does not stick out. The most popular “oranges” are with meat ragu and green peas, but they are also filled with mozzarella and spinach, ham and b├ęchamel sauce.

Croquettes with bacon and cheese

Croquettes are snack balls of minced meat or vegetables crumbled in breadcrumbs and deep fried. Croquettes originally appeared in France but quickly became popular in other countries. Croquettes are often prepared not only as an appetizer for a home-cooked meal, but also as a stir-fry or as a side dish.

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