Why We All Need To Eat Cranberries And Cranberry Products

The benefits of cranberries and even their therapeutic properties have long been known in folk medicine. It is not only about berries, but also about cranberries and their leaves.  If the fresh cranberry season is over, this is not a problem – you can now buy a bag of frozen ones at almost any supermarket near your home, or whole cranberries in a cranberry sauce.

It turns out that cranberries, in terms of combined health benefits, are ahead of the “promoted” cranberries and blueberries. Moreover, the cranberry has a serious advantage over them – berry doesn’t lose its useful properties even after being thermally treated! It turns out that the benefits of cranberry fruits are preserved in jams, compotes and morses. If you presume that wild cowberries have more health benefits than garden ones, you are mistaken – the ones grown on special plantations are not inferior. And maybe even better – how do you know where the wild ones were picked? Cranberries actively absorb harmful substances and radiation!

The benefits of cranberries are retained even after being cooked – in jams, compotes and morses

Cranberry for those who want to lose weight

For persons losing weight there is also a very positive moment – cranberries, unlike many other fruits and berries, contain less calories – 100 grams contains more than 40 kcal. If you add fresh cranberries to porridges, curds, smoothies and salads, then look at what this berry will give you. First, vitamins C, A and E, a whole set of organic priceless acids – salicylic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, malic acid, benzoic acid, etc. Calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron.  Also natural tannins that inhibit pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.

Fresh cowberries can and should be added to porridges, cottage cheese, smoothies and salads

cranberry leaf and its benefits

About the benefits of cranberry leaves we will say separately. Their role in folk medicine and medicinal properties are superior to the berries themselves. The first thing that doctors prescribe, along with medication for kidney and bladder problems is a decoction of cranberry leaf. Decoction of cranberry leaves acts as a natural antiseptic and has a diuretic effect. Does cranberry leaf have special benefits for women? Yes – many people often add cranberry leaves to tea – for a reason! Cranberry leaf reduces swelling, and together with the fluid from the waist goes a couple of centimetres and bags under the eyes. Pregnant women also receive decoction for the same indications, unlike diuretics, it does not wash out of the body potassium, and will not harm either the mother or the unborn child.

Cranberry leaf is no less useful than the berry itself

Cranberry as a remedy for colds

Well, if you are already sick or have a cold – you need cranberries again. Quickly prepare warm morsels and kissels. Drinks made from cranberries are a natural antipyretic.  There is an opinion that cranberry drinks even enhance the work of antipyretic drugs and antibiotics!  Squeeze cranberry juice, add it to warm boiled water, and if for you too sour, sweeten with honey, preferably linden – it will enhance the healing properties of the drink. Cranberry jam with hot tea is also a remedy, and even tastier!

Who should not eat too many cranberries?

As any other foodstuff, cranberries have contraindications. If hypertensives suffer from low blood pressure, then those who are already prone to low blood pressure, cowberries may even cause fainting. You should not eat a lot of cranberries for people with an acid stomach and unhealthy liver. cranberry leaf, on the other hand, has no contraindications.

How to preserve fresh cranberries for longer

Fresh cranberries are usually stored in the freezer, but many preserve their pristine state for a long time, simply by pouring the berries into a glass jar and filling it with cold water. Such a stock can stand in the fridge for months and retain all the usefulness and flavour of the freshly picked berries. Such cranberries can be added to winter dishes for a fresh berry flavour, made into ‘live’ sauces for poultry and meat, served on a cheese plate and with ice cream.

Cranberry sauce goes well with meat

And if you’re not used to spending time on homemade stuff, but you value quality and prefer natural products, then buy ready-made cranberry sauce from a trusted producer, such as Kinto sauce made from whole cranberries picked in Karelia. It is an all-natural product with no coloring or preservatives. It is the perfect accompaniment to meat and poultry dishes, and goes well with cheesecakes or curd casserole.

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