Hot Meat Dishes For The New Year Table

A New Year’s table without meat? That’s impossible! New Year’s Eve meat dishes symbolizes prosperity, affluence and a satiated future. New Year’s Eve is the best time for it, because the way you celebrate New Year’s Eve is the way you’ll spend it. We offer you the best New Year’s recipes – both author’s and traditional.

There are traditional meat recipes for the New Year’s table in many countries. In England, New Year’s Eve menu must include a stuffed turkey, in France and Ireland – roast goose, and in Italy the New Year is unthinkable without “cotechino con lenticchie” – pork sausage with lentils. Romanians have recipes for New Year’s Eve stuffed cabbage rolls called “sarmale” and lamb giblets called “drobo”, while the Chinese have “jiaozi”, dumplings stuffed with pork, and the Chukchi have “sivitkereun”, meat of walrus boiled on a fire with sea cabbage and willow leaves. Traditional Russian New Year dishes are suckling pig stuffed with buckwheat porridge and goose stuffed with sauerkraut.

Which New Year’s Eve recipes to choose? It’s up to you. For New Year’s Eve menus, traditional Uzbek pilaf with lamb and English roast beef, rabbit stew in Maltese and roasted piglet by an old Russian recipe will do a fine job. Other New Year’s recipes include meat stew, roulade, medallions and meat-filled pies. And a pork ham or leg of lamb roasted as a whole will look spectacular on the New Year table!

Happy – and tasty – New Year to you!

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