Ginger-Banana Smoothie With Berries

Ginger with its bright and spicy flavor adds an oriental “zest” to many dishes, enhancing their flavor. Drinks with ginger, lemon, honey and mint are a powerful immune response to any challenge of seasonal flu and other colds.


2 bananas

1 lemon

2 cm of ginger root

fresh berries

mint leaves

powdered sugar

Step by step recipe

Step 1

Slice peeled bananas into circles and place in the freezer for 30 minutes. Wash the lemon with hot water, grate 1 tbsp of zest and squeeze out 2 tbsp of juice. Grate the ginger on a grater.

Step 2.

Place the frosted bananas in the glass of an immersion blender, pour in the lemon juice, add the zest and ginger and grind to a smooth mass. Place in glasses and garnish with fresh berries, mint and powdered sugar.

Useful tip

The most important nutrients in ginger are vitamins C, A, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Ginger is a source of antioxidants and its tonic and anti-inflammatory properties are essential to the heart, lungs and circulation. Healthy hair and skin are also ginger. Not without reason, it is used in India as part of Ayurveda and homeopathy. Rich in vitamins and minerals, ginger increases the body’s resistance to colds and viral diseases, which is important today, and also promotes weight loss by burning fat

and lowering blood sugar, aids digestion, and detoxifies.

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