What You Must Know About Farm Products

The mindfulness trend has made its way to our plates. Now it is important not only to eat deliciously, but also to understand what we include in the diet. Therefore, more and more people are studying the composition more closely and are interested in the origin of the products.

The new approach to nutrition has revived interest in the farming industry. The products of small farms are in great demand, and going to the market has become popular even among fashionistas in the capital.

Buying farm products has become even more convenient. It is enough to indicate the city and see which manufacturers are closest. The assortment is large: dairy products, meat, eggs, vegetables, drinks, groceries, even ready-made meals. And all this is farm. Why their products are tastier than ordinary ones, the manufacturers themselves said.

How farm products are produced

The industry for stores covers large areas and automates processes as much as possible. The farm adheres to traditional forms and often uses manual labor. 

What modern farmers offer

By working with less production, farmers have more room to experiment. Take, for example, the production of cheeses. Dairies have a clear technological map, and there is simply no room for imagination. But farmers are happy to come up with new varieties and types. In an ordinary supermarket, you can hardly find this.

Features of the composition of products

Because of the small batches, it makes no sense for most manufacturers to transport them over long distances. This means that no harsh preservatives or stabilizers need to be added to extend the shelf life of the products. Yes, they will be stored several times less, but they do not lose in taste and quality.

All these differences help avoid common mistakes of the traditional industry. Farmers raise livestock in favorable conditions, they treat the soil more carefully, and they do not complicate the composition. It is not surprising that in terms of naturalness, there is more confidence in farm products. 

Where is the best place to buy products from the farm

Of course, from “their”, trusted suppliers. But they still need to be found. As a rule, farmers sell their products through several sites: on their territory, in markets or via the Internet. There is also a sale by hand, but this option is full of risks. A sweet grandmother offering milk, alas, is not a guarantee of quality. Unfortunately, this also applies to purchases on the market, it is unrealistic to prove anything, and even more so to return the money after payment.

There remains a point of sale on the farm itself and the Internet. Moreover, local manufacturers willingly organize excursions in their territory. In addition to snails, goats, rabbits, geese and even exotic animals are bred there. And if you don’t know how to cook one of the main delicacies of French cuisine, then be sure to attend a master class on cooking a grape snail right on the farm.

Shopping on the Internet is no less safe if you make them on a trusted site. So, to become a selle, farmers need to fill in information about themselves and the company, and then go through a small check. Also on the site there is a form and contacts for feedback, where you can always write in case of questions.

How to choose products and make the right choice

It all depends on the site. If you do go to the market, then it is better to remember these rules:

  • it is worth going shopping in the morning, while freshly delivered goods are on the shelves;
  • the perfect day to shop for groceries is Saturday. This is the delivery time for all the freshest;
  • vegetables and fruits must smell, so trust your scent;
  • if sellers often change at one counter, then something is wrong here. It is worth looking for more reliable options.
  • If you are going to a farm, then do not hesitate to ask the producers. Who is the best to tell you about their product? In addition, a conscientious entrepreneur should not react negatively to requests for information about the quality of products.

On the Internet, pay attention to reviews and comments. Farmers often set up Instagram accounts and willingly share “news from the fields”. 

Why farm products are more expensive

Perhaps this is one of the most popular questions. It’s all about production. Manual labor and an environmentally friendly approach are costly. In addition, the cost of products increases due to the small volume. It’s like with clothes. Items released in limited edition will be more expensive than the usual mass market, but they have their own flavor. Therefore, do not deny yourself the pleasure of trying quality products that are produced very close to you. 

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