How to Eat Right if You Really Like “Junk” Food

How to replace junk food if you really want to

Pizza, chips, cola, french fries, bars, sandwiches – everything that we can attribute to fast food has long been included in the “forbidden” list of products (it is also the list of the most desired). Resisting Temptation Rationally The Grow Food healthy food delivery service team has compiled a list of three healthy substitutes for fried potatoes and cola for those starting to change their meals.

Change fast carbohydrates to slow ones

Wheat flour products are the main enemies not only of your figure, but also of the digestive and cardiovascular systems. Flour products are very quickly absorbed and dramatically increase blood sugar levels, thereby dulling the feeling of hunger for a short period of time. But what if you can’t give up your favorite sandwiches and pasta? There is a great solution – slow carbohydrates. They are found in flour, whole grains, nuts, and fresh vegetables and fruits. Slow carbohydrates are absorbed by the body for a long time and are an excellent source of energy. For the perfect sandwich, use dark bread made with the right flour, like buckwheat. It is preferable to make the pasta with quinoa or lentil pasta.

Changing sugar to natural sweeteners

Thanks to the lactose in the composition, mother’s milk has a sweetish taste, which is why the child from an early age has a craving for similar products. Sugar is broken down in the blood to fructose, which in turn is converted to glycogen (animal starch), which causes liver problems and obesity. Sugar leaches calcium from bones. Anna Ivashkevich, nutritionist, clinical psychologist-nutritionist, member of the National Association of Clinical Nutrition, speaks about this. What to do if you can’t overcome your passion for sweets? There is a way out – natural sweeteners. The most popular honey in our latitudes and beloved by many can be a good alternative to white granules. But remember, nutritionists do not recommend heating honey. When the temperature rises above 40 C, oxy methyl furfural is formed in honey – a toxic carcinogen that is the cause of the formation of cancerous tumors. Agave and Jerusalem artichoke syrups are considered healthier alternatives. They are made from natural raw materials in Africa and South Asia.

We change mayonnaise for yogurt and sour cream

Mayonnaise has long established itself as the most popular sauce in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Russia ranks second among the world producers of mayonnaise. Mayonnaise contains a large amount of saturated fatty acids from egg yolks and not always high-quality vegetable oil in the composition. Saturated fatty acids are the main cause of plaque buildup in blood vessels and disrupt the functioning of the pancreas. Excessive use in the composition of emulsifiers and other additives with the prefix “E” when heated, decomposes to carcinogens, the harm of which we mentioned above. But what is the best way to season salads in this case? Yogurt and sour cream will come to your aid. They contain less saturated fatty acids and are more natural in composition. Moreover, yoghurts are often enriched with beneficial lactic acid bacteria, which contribute to the effective digestion of dishes. Plant-based milk products such as coconut or almond yogurt are also useful substitutes for yogurt and sour cream. These foods are lactose and trans fat free.

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