Cooling Drink Recipes

Cool down!

In hot weather, moisture is necessary for our body, so you need to drink more water. Many people buy sweet soda, which only makes them more thirsty. I prefer fresh water, but sometimes I want to drink a pleasant drink, with sourness or bitterness, which will be healthy and tasty.


Lemonade is the simplest drink that can not only quench your thirst, but also relieve fatigue and give you energy, it all depends on the ingredients. My favorite is lemonades with lemon and ginger.


– lemon

– ginger root

– mint

– sugar or sweetener

Cut the lemon peel and peeled ginger into pieces and pour boiling water over them, leaving to cool at room temperature. Then strain, squeeze the lemon juice, and cool in the refrigerator. Pour into a pitcher, add mint and ice cubes.


In the heat, you do not want to drink hot coffee at all, so I highly recommend for lovers of this drink to try cold coffee with ice and vegetable cream.


– ground coffee

– honey

– cream or vegetable milk

You need to brew coffee, add syrup or honey, cool the drink, strain and add pieces of ice to a beautiful glass, add cream and a little cinnamon.

Such coffee will not only invigorate, but also cool the body.


For children, I have a wonderful recipe for a milkshake that you can not only freshen up, but also satiate.


– milk

– banana

– berries

– ice cream

– you can add nut butter and a little chocolate

Immerse everything in a blender and mix. Great drink for a hot afternoon snack.

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