Drinks For The New Year Table

A burning question on the New Year’s Eve menu is what drinks should be served on the New Year’s table?

Of course, the simplest and most correct answer is champagne. But as always, we don’t take the easy way out. Champagne (or what we used to call it) appears on the New Year’s table every year, so sometimes we can diversify the assortment a little. Why not, for instance, make a midnight cocktail of champagne or any sparkling wine – with liqueur, brandy, mint, fruit and all sorts of syrups? Or a light, refreshing crochet?

The celebration can be continued with something more substantial, but also unconventional. Would you prefer vodka? Great. It makes a nice, strong cocktail. The effect is about the same, but it’s more fun to drink and looks intriguing. For “creativity”, in principle, any alcohol is suitable: vodka, tequila, brandy, vermouth, whisky …

And do not forget about the children: it is unlikely they will snatch a leg of lamb in the middle of the night, but the milk and fruit cocktails they will love for sure.

Going out on New Year’s Eve is a great idea. All sorts of firecrackers, fireworks, frolicking in fluffy snowdrifts – everything is allowed. But it’s winter after all, and the best part of a winter walk is getting home, curling up in an armchair by the fireplace and sipping on some thick, aromatic mulled wine. Or punch. Or a grog. Whichever you like, you can sip it. The main thing is that it’s hot and alcoholic.

However, what to drink on January 1 is also usually a question. You can, of course, the same as on the 31st. But we recommend you to wake up with a cup of aromatic coffee – with cream, liquor, chocolate. And then guess with coffee grounds.

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