Salmon Tartare In Chicory ‘Cups’

This appetizer is a great way to start a party. It’s simple to prepare and impressively delicious and beautiful. What’s more, it’s easy to eat with the fingertips.

Salmon tartare in chicory cups

6 servings

What you need:

1 courgette of chicory

200g salmon fillet

1 small firm

but not stringy persimmons

1 red onion

1 red chilli pepper

3 sprigs of mint

1 lemon

2 tbsp. olive oil


What to do:

1. Cut off the base of the chicory and separate the cauliflower into individual leaves.

2. Cut the salmon fillets into 1 cm cubes. Peel the red onion, peel the persimmon, remove the seeds and de-seed the chilli. Dice the chilli, persimmon and onion into 5 mm cubes.

3. Remove the stems from the mint and finely chop the leaves. Grate the lemon zest with a fine grater and squeeze out the juice.

4. Mix the salmon fillets with the persimmon, onion, chilly, mint, lemon juice and olive oil. Season with salt. Spread the tartare in the chicory leaves and serve at once.

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