Unexpected Properties Of Prunes

Everyone knows that prunes are good for the gut, but new research from San Diego State University has proven that they can do more, and it’s especially important for women to know that.

These dried plums contain special phenolic compounds that slow the process of bone destruction and promote faster formation of new cells. Just 100 grams of dried fruit a day for a year reduces the risk of premature destruction of the joints and bones by 26%, and if you eat so for 5 or more years – almost in half. Earlier it was thought that phenolic compounds are contained in red berries and a number of fruits (for example, mango), but for many climatic zones it is very difficult to consume enough of these products. And prunes are everywhere!

In addition, prunes contain flavonoids and vitamin K, which fight free radicals and reduce inflammation, thereby also working for the health of our bones.

Recall that osteoporosis affects more than 200 million women over the age of 50 worldwide, causing nearly 9 million fractures a year.

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