Cauliflower Steak

Another vegetarian recipe in our selection. It should be noted that this method is considered very original, not everyone knows how to cook cabbage. Write it down!


forks of cauliflower – 1 pc.

spicy harissa paste – 10-15 g

olive oil – 20 ml

salt, fresh herbs – to taste

Cooking method:

Rinse the forks in running water and cut them into steaks with a sharp knife. Their thickness should be at least 1.5–2 cm. This is important so that the cabbage is juicy and does not crumble.

Brush the slices liberally with olive oil and then with the chili-based harissa sauce. If you don’t have one, just sprinkle the cabbage steaks with paprika.

Leave them to soak for ten minutes.

Now place the cabbage to be sautéed on the dry surface of the skillet. Keep each side on fire for 2-3 minutes.

By the way, the cauliflower in this recipe can be supplemented with fresh chili, parsley and cilantro.

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