Proper Nutrition After 6PM

Food after six in the evening

The feeling of hunger most often comes in the evening. The working day is over, I want to rest, relax and eat something. However, everyone knows that eating in the evening is harmful. What to do? Is it okay to eat after six in the evening? Modern nutritionists answer – you can!

The ban on evening meals is usually tied to a person’s biological clock and the effect of the sun on the body. The principle is this: when the sun rises – the human body wakes up, when it goes down – the rhythms of the body slow down, which means that food will be poorly absorbed. The adherents of this theory believe that the main meal should be in the first half of the day, since everything that enters the stomach in the evening turns into fat reserves. However, modern nutritionists say otherwise. Yes, in this situation, you can lose 2-3 kg, but for those who want to get rid of 10-20 kg of excess weight, this method will not help. Having lost dinner, the body begins to starve, and hunger only slows down all metabolic processes in the body.

 “Our body needs 2500 kcal per day, but this does not mean that all these calories need to be taken in one meal and forget about food until the next morning. Both overeating and fasting are equally harmful. In the first case, the body does not have time to cope with the processing of the incoming nutrients, and a large dose of the hormone insulin is released into the blood. Insulin converts all unused elements into fat. Fasting, on the other hand, puts the body in a mode of economy, which slows down metabolic processes. This means that most of the food intake will also be sent to body fat. “

Let’s not judge about “curative fasting”, however, fasting, as restricting food, has many negative consequences. As already mentioned, fasting slows down metabolism, causes headaches, insomnia, rapid fatigue, stress. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract may also appear. Therefore, food after six in the evening is necessary, the only question is what foods can be consumed.

Eat right

Proper nutrition after six in the evening

In order to lose weight and keep your metabolism high, you need to eat frequently, every 2-3 hours. This will help you eat less food, and nutrients will be consumed without being deposited as fat. You can afford both a light dinner and a snack before bed, the main thing is to observe the measure. A few simple rules will help you avoid overeating: eating right throughout the day, compulsory breakfast, small amounts of nuts, dairy products and whole grain breads. It should be remembered that information about stomach saturation arrives in the brain half an hour after eating, so it is better to leave the table slightly hungry. Walking in the evening before bed will also do a lot of good. It will help to avoid heaviness in the stomach by increasing energy expenditure through movement.

Healthy foods

Proper nutrition after six in the evening

So, what can you eat in the evening, and what is absolutely forbidden? After six hours, more precisely four hours before bedtime, you should not eat fats and simple carbohydrates. For example, a plate of pasta or a sandwich will quickly fill you up, but hunger will return just as quickly. Fried meat or potatoes should be excluded from the evening diet as heavy food. Dishes with spicy herbs stimulate appetite and thirst, salty foods retain water in the body, which means they are also not suitable for dinner. Sweets in the evening not only harm the figure, but also excite the nervous system, which interferes with a restful, full sleep.

Healthy evening meals are foods with so-called zero or minus calories. These include some vegetables and fruits, lean meat and fish, dairy products. Here’s a list of vegetables you can eat after 6pm: artichoke, beetroot, cabbage, cucumber, carrot, eggplant, green peas, green beans, pumpkin, lettuce, tomatoes, and any herb. From fruits, you should give preference to cherries, cherries, watermelon, raspberries, blueberries, blueberries, currants, grapefruit, tangerines, oranges, lemon (lime), kiwi or strawberries.

From seafood and fish, crabs, lobsters, flounder or cod and all representatives of the cod breed will be useful.

The leading position among the products that can be eaten before bedtime is occupied by fermented milk. It is better to choose products with a minimum shelf life. Low fat foods are ideal. Fermented milk products contain high amounts of calcium, as well as protein, which is easy to digest. An excellent option would be kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese or fermented baked milk.

Eaten in the evening 50-60 g of meat will help you lose weight and relieve stress. Preference should be given to chicken or rabbit fillets. A turkey will also be useful. It is better to steam or bake meat in the oven. Loins of chicken, rabbit or turkey do not contain fat, but are a supplier of B vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, choline, folic acid. They support the normal functioning of the nervous system and initiate many metabolic processes. And for those who are engaged in intense physical activity, after six in the evening, you can not only eat protein food, but also need it, it contributes to the growth of muscle mass.

Health and a good figure often require a complete overhaul of your diet. But it’s worth it. And the choice of the right products is wide enough so that you can always prepare a delicious and healthy dinner. Eat to your health!

Power of water

Proper nutrition after six in the evening

Drinking regime is very important. The recommended volume of liquid is at least 2 liters per day. However, no more than 200 ml should be drunk at night, as otherwise edema may occur. Before going to bed, you can drink a glass of milk, kefir or freshly made juices from vegetables. Fresh can be alternated with green tea or hibiscus. 

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