Grilled Salmon Steak in Honey Glaze

Salmon is a healthy and nutritious fish that must be present in the diet. It is a source of selenium, potassium, B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, which are so important for the human body. And the taste after cooking with salmon is simply excellent. And you can verify this by trying the following recipe.


salmon steaks – 4 pcs.

natural honey – 15 g

garlic – 4 cloves

lemon – half

olive oil – 20 ml

drinking water – 20 ml

salt and ground pepper to taste

Cooking method:

Mix the salt and pepper together, then brush all four pieces of fish on each side with this seasoning.

Wash the lemon and cut into slices. Peel the garlic.

Pour warm water into honey and stir until smooth.

Now move on to the next cooking step – frying. Pour some oil into a preheated grill pan, put citruses and garlic cloves, which should be slightly crushed with the flat side of a knife.

Darken them under the lid for two minutes.

Place the fish next. On each side, you need to fry it for no more than three minutes until golden stripes are obtained. And be sure to keep the salmon from getting too dry.

A minute before the end of cooking, begin to grease the steaks with honey glaze.

The pieces should acquire a glossy sheen.

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