How to Lose Weight While Maintaining Health?

Health and beauty always go hand in hand: without the first, there will be no second. After all, any woman is not painted with makeup and hair, but with good condition of the skin and hair, beautiful nails and a radiant smile. Also, do not forget about emotional balance. All this, as you might have guessed, depends on the lifestyle. What is your diet? How are you sleeping? How much do you move?

If, with the arrival of spring, there is a desire to get in shape, to lose a few extra pounds, we recommend that you approach this issue with responsibility. Effective transformation in a couple of months is quite possible. How to achieve it without harm to health, read our new article!

How much?

Most of the success depends on the daily diet, so we will talk about nutrition first. Surely you have tried different diets more than once, which involve the rejection of any food group or even fasting. Someone sat on kefir and rice, and someone forbade themselves to have supper. Unfortunately, sharp restrictions lead to breakdowns and a set of all the pounds thrown off back. The result is stress for the body and a bad mood. But there is a way out!

One of the most effective yet gentle methods is calorie counting. You just need to download any application with good reviews to your smartphone, determine your daily calorie intake (it will depend on age, gender, weight and other characteristics of the body). Let’s say your calorie intake is 2,000 calories. To lose weight, you need to consume about 1700 kcal per day, and the result will not be long in coming!

What products should you choose?

Calorie counting allows you to include your favorite chocolate or baked goods in your diet. But at the same time, in order for health to be in order, fatty foods, sugar and simple carbohydrates are best dosed (for example, consumed once a week). And the emphasis should be on foods high in protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates.

The foundation of a healthy diet is extremely simple. Seasonal vegetables, a variety of grains, eggs, meat and fish, dairy products, yeast-free whole grain breads, and sometimes fruit. Also, don’t forget about herbs, nuts, and olive oil. And for a long feeling of satiety, give preference to protein foods. Pay attention to “Turboslim Protein Nutrition” with a high content of protein (proteins) and a large amount of vitamins necessary for the body. You can use it instead of an afternoon snack, after a workout to replenish your strength, or replace your usual dinner with it.

How does Turboslim Protein Nutrition help maintain health while losing weight?

Let’s take a look at its richest composition. It includes several types of protein at once (whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, soy protein isolate, calcium caseinate), dietary fiber (corn dextrin), vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 (PP), B5, B6, B12, C , D3, E, P, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, iodine, copper, manganese, molybdenum, chromium, selenium, coenzyme Q10, amino acid L-ornithine, hyaluronic acid, grape seed extract. As you can see, in one sachet weighing 36 g – a lot of benefits!

At the same time, “Turboslim Protein Nutrition” is not only healthy, but also delicious! Enjoy the variety of its exquisite flavors: Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Dessert, Banana Mousse and Berry Mix. In short, there is something to pamper yourself with.

Why rest?

To keep your body in good shape, you need to get enough sleep. Firstly, when you do not get enough sleep, the body produces the hormones ghrelin and peptide-1, which make you feel hungry. And a study by Japanese scientists has confirmed that a lack of sleep, even for three days, reduces the level of leptin by almost 10%, because of which a person is more likely to want to eat, especially before bedtime.

Secondly, lack of sleep leads to decreased physical activity. Many simply do not have the strength to take a walk with the child once again, let alone work out in the gym. Let’s not forget that sports are important not only for losing weight, but also for the performance of muscles and joints. 

How to train?

If you are concerned not only with the number on the scales, but also with the quality of the body, you need to say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle. We suggest starting with a regular walk. If possible, give up the elevator, make it a habit to go for a half-hour walk at lunchtime, and in the evening walk a few extra stops to the house on foot, since the spring weather is favorable for this.

Then you can start attending training sessions, of course, under the supervision of a trainer. We still don’t want to hurt ourselves, do we? If the body is not prepared for strength training, start with yoga or Pilates, and go for a ten-minute run in the morning. You will see, along with the external state, the internal will also be transformed. The endorphin burst after any workout makes a lot of people happy!

In order to not only preserve health, but also increase health during weight loss, an integrated approach is needed: proper nutrition (we give special preference to protein foods), vitamins, exercise and healthy sleep. Observing all these recommendations, after consulting a doctor, you will feel many times better, and the reflection in the mirror will immediately please! 

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