Your Oatmeal, Sir!

It’s hard to believe it, but in ancient times, animals were fed with oats and there was no question of using it in human nutrition. In the 13th century, this cereal began to be added to the soup, in the 16th century they began to cook oatmeal in water, and in the 19th century milk and sugar were already added to it. It turned out to be an appetizing dish that we still enjoy, complementing it with a variety of fruits, berries, nuts and spices. Let’s try to cook delicious lean porridge without milk. You will be surprised, but its absence will not affect the taste in the least.

Prepare the following ingredients:

80 g oat flakes

400 ml water

a handful of walnuts to taste

2 tbsp. l. ground flax seeds

1 apple

pinch of cinnamon

maple syrup to taste

Pour the rolled oats into the water and cook over medium heat for 7 minutes, stirring occasionally. At this time, chop the flaxseed and cut the apple into cubes or slices. 3 minutes before the porridge is ready, add flax seeds, apples, nuts and a pinch of cinnamon to the pan, and you will not need sugar. Place the oatmeal in bowls and drizzle with the aromatic maple syrup. Porridge can be garnished with apples, banana, figs, dates and any dried fruit, and served with fresh juice or smoothie. If you cook porridge with salt and spices, you can serve it with bread and vegetables. Some housewives season boiled rolled oats with homemade mayonnaise. However, this already turns out to be a full-fledged dinner.

By the way, oatmeal is recommended to everyone who often gets depressed, mope, insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Eat breakfast with oatmeal – and all these symptoms will disappear! 

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