Clinton’s Favourite Dish

Dumplings with cherries will be a culinary shock for you. And although they are considered a Ukrainian national dish, dumplings came to Ukraine from Turkey. Dumplings with potatoes are in first place in popularity, dumplings with cottage cheese are in second place, and cherry and berry fillings are in third place. However, Bill Clinton, having visited Ukraine, fell in love with cherry dumplings and declared them his favorite dish. Surely, dumplings were prepared for the President of America according to a different recipe – not from lean dough, but with eggs, but they poured butter and sour cream on the finished dish. And we will prepare a vegan dish, because now is Lent!

For the test:

370 g flour

200-250 ml hot water

1 tsp sugar

salt to taste

For filling:

500 g cherries

3 tbsp. sugar

For filing:

4 tbsp. vegetable oil

4 tbsp. sugar

Dissolve the salt and sugar in hot water, and then pour the liquid into the sifted flour. Knead an elastic dough, cover it with a damp cloth and let it brew for 20 minutes.

Add sugar to the raw or defrosted pitted cherries. Form a tourniquet out of the dough, cut into pieces and roll each of them into a small cake. Place some filling in the middle of each pancake and stick the dumplings. Put them in boiling water and cook for about 5 minutes. Put the dumplings in a colander, and before serving, sprinkle them with sugar, pour over with vegetable oil and cherry juice.

It’s so delicious! And it is not at all surprising that in Canada there has long been a monument to dumplings about 8 meters high and weighing more than 2500 kg. Surely it was erected by grateful gourmets who could not live without dumplings!

Smoothies, sandwiches, cereals, pancakes, dumplings and pancakes are classic dishes for lean breakfasts. Do you have any more ideas? Share with us and experiment more, because inspiration often appears in the post to cook something new, bright, interesting and tasty! 

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