Green Avocado Pate

Avocado is indispensable in fasting – it is no coincidence that it is called a vegetable analogue of meat. The pulp of this delicious fruit contains a lot of protein, fat, vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants. If you include avocados in your diet, you don’t have to worry about the condition of your skin, hair and nails. Interestingly, this fruit is called crocodile pear, midshipman oil and poor man’s cow. Avocado seeds have even been found in Egyptian tombs!

Avocado sandwiches are not only a hearty breakfast, but also a real storehouse of nutrients. You can spread slices of this delicious fruit on bread or make an appetizing pate, which can be easily spread on a cracker, wrapped in a pancake or lettuce, and stuffed with tartlets or rolls. Write down the recipe for this appetizer and don’t delay tasting it too long!

What you need:

2 ripe avocados

50 g pine nuts

1 lemon

30 ml olive oil

3 cloves of garlic

basil leaves to taste

2 tomatoes

salt, black pepper – to taste

Cut the avocado in half, spoon out the pulp, then rub the zest from half the lemon and squeeze out all the juice. Grind the nuts in a blender until smooth, and cut the tomatoes into rings.

Place avocado, ground nuts, lemon zest, juice, vegetable oil, garlic, spices and herbs in a blender. Grind the ingredients into a smooth paste and spread over the bread and garnish with tomatoes and basil leaves on top. You can complement the composition of the sandwich with slices of bell pepper, cucumber or radish. If you’re not cooking for a lean diet, add some grated cheese and mayonnaise to the avocado.

Imagine, there are about 100 varieties of avocado, moreover, this fruit is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most nutritious on the planet! 

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