How To Buy The Tastiest And Juiciest Figs

While in the past juicy fresh figs could only be enjoyed by people in the countries where they grow, today, transportation technology makes it possible to enjoy the fruit of the fig tree even by people living in northern countries. But first they have to be picked correctly. Do you know how to do it?

How to choose good figs 

Figs are a sweet and healthy fruit, full of vitamins and trace elements. They are also rich in fiber, which is important for your health. It is recommended to eat them on an empty stomach, chewing them thoroughly. Figs contribute to the proper functioning of the liver, kidneys, stomach. But be aware that figs are contraindicated to those with diabetes and gout. It is also undesirable to include them in the diet of all those who watch the number of calories, because the product is sweet and contains a lot of sugar.

To choose the best figs, there are a few rules to follow.

Don’t choose by colour – it depends on the variety of figs. Ripe figs can be light green, plum coloured or brown. Each of these varieties has its own characteristic features, but these don’t depend directly on the intensity of the colour or the underlying colour of the flesh and skin.

The shape doesn’t really matter: it doesn’t affect the taste and can be quite varied.

The size, on the other hand, is very important. The smaller the fig, the sweeter it tends to be.

The ripeness of a fig can also be judged by its smell. If they are overripe, they have a peculiar “wine” fermentation aroma. Such figs are certainly not to be bought, as they are not very edible.

As for the density: do not choose too soft or too hard figs – it is better not to eat them. In the first case, you will probably have to throw them away altogether: they are too overripe. In the second case, you will have to wait until they are ripe.

Figs should prefer dense figs, which can be squeezed when pressed, but only a little. They should be free from spots and visible damage.

How do I transport and store figs?

Figs are very delicate and must not be carried in a bag or sack. They should preferably be put in a shape-sensitive container and not layered. A basket or container would be ideal.

Even ideal figs cannot be kept for very long – on average they can last three days, before they go bad. So it’s best to buy figs with the expectation that they will be eaten in a day. If you want to stock up on them for a longer period, look out for dried figs. They, too, must be chosen wisely. Here are the signs of a good product: the surface is yellow, without any coating or “dust”, and dry. The smell is pleasant and characteristic of the fruit. Choosing such dried figs, you can be sure that they will last long enough.

By the way, if you have leftover figs that you definitely will not eat soon, you can freeze them, then the stock will be stored for up to a year. You could also try to prepare Three cheese and fig salad. Choose your figs right and enjoy them!

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