Pureed And Cream Soups

A pureed soup is a thick soup made from pureed vegetables, cereals, meat, poultry or fish. The cream soup is often used in dietary and children’s meals.

The base of the pure soup is meat or fish broth, water or vegetable broth. The thick consistency of the soup is mainly made up of legumes (peas, beans, lentils) and/or vegetables with a high starch content (potatoes, pumpkin, carrots). To make the mashed potato soup the ingredients are boiled until tender, then strained or blended and the puree is added to the stock or broth.

Cream soup is cooked not on broth or water, but on an easier version of b├ęchamel sauce or, less often, on broth, thickened with flour and brought to the boil with a mixture of egg yolks and double cream (so called Lesion). Thick cream must always be present in the cream soup and added at the end of the cooking process. The main ingredients in the cream soup are vegetables and chicken or fish.

True connoisseurs and connoisseurs of cream soup cut the vegetables in equal slices so that they can be cooked equally and evenly. Many cooks are not satisfied with the usual chopping of ingredients in a blender, and then rub the resulting puree through a sieve, as in this case the cream soup will be most homogeneous and very tender.

Pure and cream soups are usually served with croutons or toast.

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