Fresh Summer Salad for Meat Meals

This vegetable salad is served with barbecue, pilaf, lamb and other fatty dishes. Shakarob is believed to help break down and digest fats. Due to the abundance of onions, the appetizer may seem spicy, so it is better to take its salad varieties and complement them with sweet juicy tomatoes. Ingredients for the salad: large … Read more

Rainbow Vegetable Salad

The highlight of the salad is that the vegetables are arranged on the plate in accordance with the color spectrum of the rainbow. It looks beautiful, improves mood and appetite! These salads go well with meat dishes. Ingredients for the salad: medium sized tomatoes – 2 pcs. Korean carrots – 3 tbsp.  canned corn – … Read more

What Products Are Not Worth Saving On

Thrift is very good, but in pursuit of it, we often either completely abandon some products, or try to buy the cheapest. However, a low price does not always guarantee good quality. The production of some products is very labor intensive, and therefore their cost is quite high. Certain products simply cannot cost little. In … Read more

Your Oatmeal, Sir!

It’s hard to believe it, but in ancient times, animals were fed with oats and there was no question of using it in human nutrition. In the 13th century, this cereal began to be added to the soup, in the 16th century they began to cook oatmeal in water, and in the 19th century milk … Read more

Food Additives: What is Prohibited and What is Allowed

Finding products without food additives in the composition today is almost impossible. Still, this is a simple and cheap way to enhance the flavor, extend the shelf life of food and make it look attractive. Unknown E-preservatives raise concerns and, unfortunately, are not groundless. Some dietary supplements are actually safe and even beneficial for the … Read more

Why You Need to Detox?

As the name suggests, detox is detoxification, that is, cleansing from toxins and toxins that our body accumulates over time due to improper nutrition and harmful external factors. Why is detox useful? ‚ÄúThis is a kind of reboot of various organs, in particular the intestines, liver, kidneys and gallbladder. Moreover, detox helps to improve metabolism, … Read more