Pineapple Smoothie

A great idea is to serve a pineapple smoothie for the holiday table. You can drink it, enjoy it, and not worry about gaining extra pounds. Ingredients orange juice 1 cup pineapple 2 cup pineapple juice 1 cup banana 2 pcs. Step by step recipe Step 1 Recipe photo: Pineapple smoothie, step 1 Peel pineapple … Read more

How To Switch To A Healthy Diet Without Giving Up Sweets?

Today, more and more people are thinking about their health and good nutrition. One of the current trends is giving up sweets (or significantly reducing their consumption). What’s wrong with sugar and can we find a healthier alternative without depriving ourselves of our favorite dessert? In moderate doses, sugar is useful and even necessary for … Read more

Sugar Addiction

Any situation can be turned for the better. For example, you haven’t had time to buy sugar. That’s great! Let’s take this chance in order to end once and for all one of the most powerful addictions – cravings for sweets. Is there a sugar addiction? According to recent data, about 30% of the entire … Read more

What Is Green Buckwheat And How Do You Eat It?

Green buckwheat is an ordinary buckwheat that has been naturally dried. This is why their color retains its natural yellowish-green color, not the brown color that you get after heat treatment. The connoisseurs are convinced that only sprouted buckwheat can be healthier than raw green buckwheat. It turns out that sprouted green buckwheat is an … Read more